Welcome to CedarGardens!

We are a Lebanese community aiming to promote sexual awareness and freedom towards all genders and orientations based on the principles of SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual). Our goal is to bring together like-minded people in a fun, social and educational setting; both online and in real-time.

CedarGardens is a volunteer run group of activists who aim to act as a support system to all fellows under the principles of respect, integrity, safety, community, education and empowerment.

Privacy is of utmost importance to us, whether online, in community interactions or in regular social interactions. Hence, we operate based on a set of rules put in place to protect everyone, where vetted members are expected to abide by our code of conduct, after having passed our enrollment process.

All possible safeguards are taken in order to protect our members (and YOU should you wish to join us!).


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CedarGardens is first and foremost a safe space for like-minded people of all orientations and inclinations, where they can express themselves, be accepted, socialize and learn in a well-knit and organized setup (take a look at our programs and events).

Is this all new to you? Do you perhaps know a little, are curious and wish to learn more? Do you find all this too much to take in? Fear not! Our members range from “Veterans” to “Newbies”  to whom we offer any and all relevant information and advice based on their interests.

Outreach is a program we developed in 2017 and offer to various organizations and rights groups out there, if that interests you then reach out to us and we’ll be happy to give you more details.

We also offer a mentorship program to singles as well as couples who are taking their first steps into a more “open” lifestyle or are simply in need of more information and guidance, provided they meet the enrollment criteria.


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Have you, or a person you know, had a bad experience with a self-proclaimed veteran or Top in the lifestyle? Here at CedarGardens we take reports of abuse very seriously, so please do reach out to us with any such concerns.

You may also talk directly to us via our Help Center, please click on the chat bubble located on the top left section of this page.

Should you have any inquiries, or wish to join our community, contact us and check if we are recruiting.

We wish you a fun and safe journey!


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Be warned: This site contains adult-related material, discussions, opinion, thought, and images. By following any of the links below, you affirm that you are of legal age and you DO WISH to view such material.

If you are under the age of 18, or reside in or link from an area where such information and/or your receipt of it would violate prevailing community standards or any local laws, ordinances or statutes to which you may be subject, you must NOT continue.

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