CedarGardens is dedicated to its Outreach program with a primary focus on education, as well as empowering individuals inclined to explore outside the regular sexual ranges in a safe, sane, and consensual way.

By offering frequent panel discussions and interviews to different organizations that cater for social rights (i.e.: feminism, LGBT, etc.), CedarGardens helps prepare society to discern the myth from the reality of alternative lifestyles in general.

Ultimately, we want those individuals to understand that the desires and feelings they are having may be experienced in a healthy way and can lead to a big positive enhancement in their lives.

Furthermore, by educating the next generation of therapists, doctors, law enforcement officials, politicians, etc., we have a better chance of creating an environment of tolerance as opposed to ignorance-based judgement.

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Panel discussions:

A group of our experienced members will sit with your organization, and following a brief introduction about the lifestyle, will answer questions and moderate debates around the following main areas:

  • Types of lifestyle activities
  • Different roles between partners
  • Partner communication
  • Risks and safety
  • Etiquette and community rules
  • Lifestyle psychology

All of our answers are based on our experience, previous teachings, and personal exploration. We do not claim to be the ultimate reference/guide, but we believe to represent the general ethics and considerations of the open community.

CedarGardens does not charge for the above panels, we are a group of volunteers dedicated to guiding you further into this lifestyle that we love.


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