Our program is a structured six-month mentorship for singles and couples who are taking their first steps in the lifestyle. Our community hosts qualified mentors and can easily find you a suitable match corresponding to your gender, orientation and needs. Whether you are a couple who wish to spice up their private life and requires the proper guidance, or a single person wishing to discover the things you may or may not like; this program is for you. Mentors and mentees may meet up to twice a month (and alternatively make use of Skype) during the six-month program to work on the mentee’s goals for deepening their understanding of sexual freedom.

We choose our mentors carefully depending on their active participation in our community, their clear understanding of consent and ethics, their deep understanding of various dynamics and activities, and their sincere desire to promote awareness within the community. Our mentors will be your listening ear and role models, though they are not experts in every kind of activity this program is not intended to teach you technical skills.

It is our goal that anyone who applies for mentorship is able to find a mentor with whom they can connect and be comfortable.

Finally, this is not a dating or play opportunity. A mentor’s role is not to play with you themselves.


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To qualify for the Mentorship program, you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have an active profile on a social media platform that allows us to learn some things about you
  • Be known by at least a member of this community
  • Be honest and open about what you are looking for, and willing to commit to the program

Keep in mind our resources are limited; these requirements are intended to focus said resources towards those who are most sincere and serious about kink.


Step 1: The application

If you meet the qualification requirements, you may apply via the Contact page choosing the correct option. You will then be contacted by our program coordinator who will require a few details on what precisely you want to achieve from this program, so we can assign you the proper mentor. Keeping in mind the process might take a few weeks in order for us to allocate the proper resources for your mentorship.


Step 2: Mentor assignment and meeting

The coordinator will assimilate your preferences and find a matching mentor to assign you, who will in turn contact you to agree on an initial meeting to discuss the broad lines of the program.

The commitment from our side is to meet with you up to twice a month for the duration of the program, and work towards the goals agreed upon. This is a serious commitment, please be certain that you are willing and available before applying.

Also, be sure to raise the topic of your timing in case it is tight so we can include it in our assessment to allocate you a proper match.


Step 3: Program follow-up

The Mentoring Program provides support throughout the program. The coordinator will:

  • Contact you a few weeks after the matching event to make sure you’ve been able to schedule a first meeting with your mentor.
  • Contact you again a few months into the program to check that you are making progress on your goals.
  • Reach out one final time after the program has completed to find out how it went for you.

Those checkins are intended to provide some friendly accountability to help both mentors and mentees achieve their goals. The coordinator can also help mediate any minor hiccups in the mentoring relationship, and can work out a reassignment if a mentoring relationship simply isn’t working out.


Step 4: Program completion

Towards the end of the program, mentor and mentee will take a look back at the goals and rejoice in the progress made toward achieving them. If both parties are happy maintaining the relation they are free to do so. All in all, we hope you will enjoy the program tailored to your expectations.


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